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"She is an amazing author whose books will capture your imagination..."

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Follow Clint as his newly awakened paranormal abilities help him solve a modern-day murder rampage.  Aided by a gifted child who was abandoned at his newly constructed orphanage, Clint is compelled to bring a dangerous and treacherous murderer to justice. In his journey, he will experience guidance and revelations from another dimension….

The much-anticipated sequel to The Unseen Player that leads Clint into grave and life-threatening encounters with a ruthless modern-day murderer. 

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Journey with Clint, a middle-aged widower, as he discovers the true story of his abandonment at age five and the tragedy that befell his father. Aided by a ghostly figure, Clint will unravel the past, solve an age-old murder and discover treasures long ago hidden....

A paranormal, murder-mystery story that you won't be able to put down! Based on a little known, historical, true story of bandits, greed and lost treasure.

This was the best book I have ever purchased and read!!! Great author. She kept me interested through the whole thing. I had trouble setting it down.  ---  Laurie H. -  Hamlin, NY

Follow a young man as he is taken through space and time by the mysterious angel figure Danielle who shows him the horrible fate that awaits humans if he doesn’t alter his future choices....

Absorbing science fiction fantasy at its very best!

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