Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering |

Where can I get a copy of Shadows of December?

You can order a copy online right from this website just by clicking any of the Buy Now buttons throughout the site. You can also order a copy from several online sites, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

Can I order from Amazon?

Yes. You can order from Amazon: search for" Shadows of December" by M.A. Senft or use the following ISBNs Paperback Softcover: ISBN# 9781532084225 eBook Color: ISBN# 9781532083853 eBook B&W: ISBN# 9781532084232

Can I order from my local bookstore?

Yes. Tell your local bookstore owner that the book is available to be ordered through Ingraham Book Distribution. Paperback Softcover: ISBN# 9781532084225 eBook Color: ISBN# 9781532083853 eBook B&W: ISBN# 9781532084232

Is there a color printed version?

M.A. has a limited number of special edition color hardback books available: each is a signed copy by M.A. with 50 specially selected images to match the story and sized at 8 1/2 X 11. Contact M.A. at if you are interested in obtaining one.

Can I get my book signed by M.A.?

There are two ways to get a signed copy of M.A.'s book. 1. Attend a book signing in your area. 2. Order the limited-edition color version (see previous question for details).

If I order online, how long will it take to get my book?

Online orders are fulfilled within 24 hours. Depending upon your location, it should arrive within 2-3 days.

M.A.'s Writing |

How does M.A. come up with her storylines?

M.A. grew up enthralled by shows like “The Twilight Zone” and has loved Science-fiction all her life. That passion for the unexpected, unknown and unseen has been the driving force behind M.A.’s creative process. After reading about a new science discovery, something interesting about physics or biology, scientific reports about the environment, etc. that information forms into a possible storyline. Combine her love of the mystic and spiritual thought with her enthusiasm for science and the plot lines behind her stories start to take shape in her head. Often, ideas start as little sparks in her mind that blossom into full characters. The characters then drive the story.

M.A. has been telling her grandchildren stories since they were little. Shadows of December is actually the printed version of one such story that she used to tell and retell her oldest grandson, Jay (read more about the inspiration behind Shadows of December on the Blog) Over the years, the story expanded and grew into the version that you can read today!

What does M.A. like to write about?

So many things! There are always new ideas forming in M.A.’s mind for a new story!

Some of M.A.’s favorite topics include:

  • All things Science-fiction: including the future of DNA, Gene splicing, altered creatures, modifying the earth.

  • Environmental Science-fiction: the future prediction of the world and the effects it has from a ecological stand point on the people, plants and animals that live here.

  • Out of body and time-travel experiences, time warps

  • Quantum Cellular dimensions and the Holographic Universe

  • Wormholes into the past and future: the illusion of space and time

  • Spirits, angels, ghosts, Native American folklore, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Enlightenment