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Artwork Inspiration: Shadow's Book Cover

Updated: Aug 9

Many of you have asked me about Shadows of December's book cover illustration. Although I have acknowledged Patrice Becker on the inside cover, I want to take a moment to recognize her talent and give you the opportunity to know her a bit better!

My daughter Amanda, Patrice and I sat down to breakfast one morning about a year ago. I described to Patrice what I saw in my head and when she handed me the finished product, I was floored to see she had created exactly what I had asked. I'm very proud of the book cover and will be using Patrice again for the next book, The Unseen Player.

Please enjoy getting to know the talented Patrice Becker: originally from Franklin, Indiana, she graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a bachelors in Illustration and now is a designer for Designs Direct LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1.) What inspiration did you use to create the cover of Shadows of December?

MA and her daughter, Amanda, sat with me and explained the synopsis and overall feeling of the book.  Then MA went through the scene she wanted the cover to represent: the first encounter between Jay and Danielle at the town's cemetery.  She had a specific time period and memories she wanted the cover to portray.  She did a great job explaining in detail how she envisioned the cover to look, all the way down to what type of trees should be in the cemetery, the lighting and personalities the boys should be portraying.  It's nice to work with someone who has a pretty good idea of what they want while also giving me creative freedom.  

2.) What motivates you for your artistic pieces?

For my own art, I love bright colors that complement each other, lighting and detail.  I've always leaned more towards surrealism because I feel I can be my most creative that way and keeping in touch with my childhood mind, imagination and dreams.  To create my art, I have a wide range of media experience:  airbrush painting, drawing, color pencil, oil and acrylic painting, digital painting, tattooing and painting on dimensional surfaces.  I worked in the medium of custom airbrush on motorcycles and vehicles for about 10 years and was a tattoo artist for about 3 years.

3.) We would love to see some of your artwork!

Happy to share! Below shows a variety of different mediums and styles. You can see more of my work at https://patricewilliams.carbonmade.com/

"Vitiligo": Digitally Painted

A humorous play off how in stories, fairies used to ride on corgi backs, digitally painted.

Another play on slow and steady verses speed, digitally painted

Would you shake off the bugs and continue eating or throw it away?  For most people, it depends on how much you want it. These Oil paintings push the comfort zone by conjuring up the image of both bug covered food and overly sticky hands, which isn't something most adults would enjoy.

"Yellow Submarine Nursery Mural"

This was a nursery mural a friend of mine asked for: they wanted the yellow submarine, their dog, and balloons.  The rest was up to me. The mural is hand painted with airbrush details to give the illusion of space.

"Americana Barn Mural"

This mural is 63ft wide and 15ft high. To create this impressive mural, I used exterior paint, hand painting and a spray gun. I had eight days to finish this so my husband (Dan Becker) helped me paint the solid parts.  I'm the person in the blue sweater on the ladder touching up the "A", so you can get an idea of how big this thing is.

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