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Character Inspiration: Mott

Updated: Aug 9

Shadows of December: Illusions of Time

Character Inspiration: Get to know the background behind the main characters in this engaging story about the ethical and spiritual ramifications of the life we live.

MOTT – The intuitive grandmother of Jay.

Mott and her son Geoff

Simply put, Mott is me! I do not claim to have any relationships with Angels or Spirits, but I wish I did! I have always loved science, science fiction and any story that dealt with the supernatural: I was a huge fan of the show, “Twilight Zone.” Interestingly, I’m also called Mott – my oldest grandson wasn’t able to make the word, “grandma” when he was small so he called me “Mott” and it stuck! All of my grandchildren and great grandchildren call me Mott. I thought it only appropriate to include that special detail in this story since so many of my other family members are included.  I am a very dedicated grandmother and hope that all of my grandchildren and great grandchildren feel as close to me as Jay feels to his Mott.

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