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The tantalizing sequel to the highly praised The Unseen Player. The Rod Radcliff Children’s Home is now almost complete and filled with children. Clint is content managing the affairs of the orphanage and sharing his married life with Jules. Little does he realize that he will soon be drawn into a very dangerous mission to bring a treacherous murderer to justice.


Farley, a new resident of Salzburg, is disturbed by unusual voices and visions. He shares his concerns with Clint, who is immediately intrigued. Soon mysterious encounters and strange occurrences lead Clint to discover a series of ghastly murders. He is compelled to unravel the truth while urged to bring the perpetrator to justice.


As time passes, Clint and Farley develop a deep affection for a young boy who was abandoned on the front steps of the orphanage. They discover he has extraordinary gifts and as they slowly comprehend his relationship to the vicious murders. In the end, Clint realizes the psychic abilities he experienced while discovering the Reno Gang treasure are now an integral part of his being.

eBOOK | Mirror of Truth

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