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The Mirror of Truth


ISNB: 978-1-7376534-3-1 (sc)

ISNB: 978-1-7376534-4-8(e)

Author M.A. Senft continues the Clint Reeves, Beyond the Grave Series with this modern-day murder mystery.


Closing the door behind him, Farley stepped out into the falling snow. All ambient noise was absorbed, its sound trapped between the snowflakes. The scene underscored the quiet blissfulness of nature. He moved closer to the forest, enjoying the serenity of the moment and appreciating the view of his property. 

Abruptly, he came to a halt, perplexed by what he thought he saw. A figure was standing at the edge of the woods. Cautiously he inched forward, focusing his attention on the object. Based on its stature, I’d say an animal, he presumed. Taking a step backward, the creature gave the impression it wanted to be seen. 

“No way,” he stammered. “That can’t be right.” He wagged his head, speaking softer. “I don’t think so. Black cougars don’t live in these parts. 

The feline’s spectacular green eyes receded slowly into the darkness, back into the forest, its large paws engulfed by shadows. Farley decided his eyes had played tricks on him. “I must be wrong,” he said with unwavering certainty. Deliberating if what he had seen was indeed what he thought he saw. 

Just then, a voice, specific, and well-defined, rang out. 

Farley stopped, stone cold, his eyes scanning every inch of the space around him. He saw no one. 

But swore he heard, “K, or kid.”

He took a deep breath and pushed his arm through the mirror, and then his torso, finally his legs until his entire body was on the opposite side of the antique mirror. He viewed his office, desk, and door. The room was dark, as though he had never entered.

Clint turned to where the faint figure had been but saw nothing other than blackness. Across from him on the right the brick wall he’d seen earlier had reshaped itself, only this time it was distinctly outlined. Weather-beaten, crumbled chunks of bricks formed an entire wall, displaying an elongated opening in the center. He observed the mysterious figure who had lured him through the mirror slip into the bricks to an undefined location.

Clint moved to the jagged bricks, putting his hand on its coarse surface. On the far side of the gap, he saw a cave-like space where the mystery man stood waiting.

There’s no going back now, Clint told himself. I’ve come too far. I was told I could return, so I’ll see where this takes me.


Clint pulled his body up and climbed through the opening, just as the man had done, dropping to the floor on the other side. Looking through the slit, he could see the place he’d been where shady dark hues lingered in a vacuum of flowing vapor.

The man indicated Clint should follow. Through the cave, along a dirt path, he led Clint until finally they arrived at a sizable opening in the stone. The man walked out into the light.

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