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Shadows of December: Illusions of Time

"Terrific fiction/fantasy book yet its story line will make you think about life, reality and what lays beyond. "

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Behind life’s thin veil of the knowable, into a fissure undefined by time and its constructs, lies a place where souls move about freely without detection. A place where ghostly encounters meet angelic challenges and a desire to alter the foreseeable future is of paramount concern.

Stark changes that threaten all of mankind and what it means to be human are set into motion by a time when profit and greed outweighed concern for the future.

But none of this is known to Jay, a 14-year boy living in a rural town in 1947. Self-absorbed and mischievous, his life is upended when an angel and her constant companion interrupt his life. Soon he will be shown the future and the horrors it brings.

Provided a glimpse into a domain outside perception and beyond observation, Jay is transported from an uncomplicated life he has taken for granted so that he can see things as they really are. On his journey through layers of reality, he will learn the errors of his ways and witness how his actions can influence humanities’ future.

A captivating and exhilarating tale for readers of all ages.

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Paperback, eBook, color eBook








978-1-5320-8422-5 (BW softcover)

978-1-5320-8422-2 (BW eBook

978-1-5320-8385-3 (color eBook


fantasy, sci-fi, fiction

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