Get to know M.A.

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M.A. believes strongly in:

  • The ethical ramifications of life choices

  • Spiritual values

  • Stories of moral character

  • Honoring Mother Earth

Born in Beech Grove, Indiana, MA was one of five siblings. As the oldest of two daughter's she was expected to help her mother with daily household chores that began each day at eight o’clock and ended mid-afternoon. Dinner preparations started at four. Two of her earliest memories are of rolling pie dough out at the kitchen table; the other is standing on a chair at the stove to stir pots while her mother fixed dinner.


When her mother passed away at age forty-eight, MA stepped in to help raise her younger sister who was eleven at the time. Her nine-year younger brother also moved in.

At eighteen MA married and continued to raise her younger sister alongside her own growing family. She raised her own two sons and a daughter while living in different parts of the country, but MA eventually settled in the Indianapolis area with her school-age children.


In 1993 she started her own business while also continuing her side-job modeling assignments. Both kept her busy travelling across the country to trade shows and events.


In 1999, MA met her soul mate and current husband. They married at a scenic location overlooking Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada. For over twenty years, MA has enjoyed travelling the U.S. and Europe with him. Montana is where she and her husband plan to partially retire to be inspired by wildlife and snowcapped mountains.

Having been a state-ranked tennis player, MA ceremoniously supports the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts. However, she encouraged her children to choose football teams from different parts of the country where she and her family had lived, so she also backs her kids' teams (Raiders, Packers and Cowboys).

Today, MA enjoys spending quiet time with her husband on their acreage south of Indianapolis, playing pool and fishing. In a gazebo that overlooks a lake on their property, MA dreams up new adventures and storylines.


MA’s favorite past time, however, is watching their 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren grow. Her oldest grandson is credited with motivating her to put pen to paper late in life.