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If you enjoyed one of MA's books, you can leave a review on her Google Business page:

MA Senft Author.

Just click the button below.


Be sure to include the full name of the book in your comments.

Reviews, especially on Google, are one of the best ways to help other people discover MA's work. 

She will appreciate it!

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REVIEWS for The Unseen Player

Google verified review

"I was anxious to delve into The Unseen Player after being so surprised, entertained and consumed by Shadows of December.  I am a huge Agathe Christie and general mystery fan.  I have read hundreds of mystery books over the years, and I am rarely surprised.  Well, MA you did it again!  You had me surprised so many times with The Unseen Player that I simply quit trying to figure out what would happen next!  I just continued to read and enjoy!  Thank you for another great story.  I wait with great anticipation to see what you have planned for your next book.  It cannot get here fast enough!    THANKS AGAIN Agatha … err I mean MA!!

Ron M. - Panama

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REVIEWS for Shadows of December

"Terrific fiction/fantasy book yet its story line will make you think about life, reality and what lays beyond. Great characters and character development… loved the way it was written and the perspective that it showed… made me think about life and the possibilities of life. Highly recommend to anyone who is a fiction reader and wants to take a journey into a world of authored reality created by this awesome author. The characters and story line are developed in a uniquely effective way, interesting and intriguing through the whole book, with surprise twists throughout."

Jack L. - Orlando

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