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The Unseen Player 

"A gripping ghost tale with an enthralling story line that will keep you guessing until the very end ."

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A heart-warming story about a man who, as a boy, was raised in an orphanage after his father abandoned him when he was five years old. Many years later, as an older gentleman, he begins having strange visions and ghostly encounters after moving onto his new property.


It is only then that he learns the true story of why he never saw his father again. Aided by a phantom entity, he learns the truth of his heritage and the events that took place the night his father failed to return.


Along the way, he will solve a half-century old crime and free a restless soul. Even more significantly, he will make an immense discovery that will change his life and the lives of a community—forever.


In this exciting and heartwarming tale, Clint Reeves learns that deceased souls can indeed communicate from beyond. And that even after the worst of times, life is full of surprises and happiness.


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